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Rootnote + Powrplnt: Class 1

Yesterday Nick and I began our latest adventure working with Powrplnt. As part of Powrplnt’s second installment, we’ll be installing Root Note at Red Bull Studios (starting Feb 27) and teaching a 6-week course on plant sensing and sonification to high school students from City As School.

The class will run in two parallel strands: Nick will be teaching the segment on sonification (teaching Max, sound design, generative sound, etc.) and I’ll be teaching the segment on sensing (Arduino basics, working with sensors, etc.) Our two groups will then collaborate to produce a giant sonic garden (Root Note but amplified) in the Red Bull Space, which will open at the beginning of April.

Yesterday was our intro class so we taught together. We introduced the students to what they’ll be learning, showed them examples of interesting / inspiring projects, and bounced around some initial ideas. It was pretty amazing to get a new perspective from them on something I’ve been thinking about for months.

I’l be documenting the process here. See our awesome group of students below (plus our slides from the first day).



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