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[Prototype] Elevator Departures / Arrivals

Title: Elevator Departures / Arrivals
Creators: Shir David and Rebecca Lieberman
Materials: Projection with live flight data (projector, laptop, custom software written in javascript)
Description: Elevator Departures / Arrivals is a playful data sculpture that streams live flight information from nearby NYC airports.

Elevator Arrivals is a playful data projection that streams live flight information from nearby NYC airports. Evoking scrolling LED displays traditionally used for public signage and advertisements, this sculpture invites people to be imaginative in an otherwise mundane moment of waiting for the elevator. When a user pushes the button for the elevator, the signage pulls in live flight data and displays information for the next flight departing from NYC. The projection is a window and connection point into another place, transforming a banal action into something playful and allowing people to momentarily transport themselves somewhere else.

This is a prototype of a larger project created in 24 hours at the Ace Hotel Residency.

You can view a web prototype that demonstrates the software here.

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