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Final Thesis Documentation


Mnemograph is a participatory installation that connects two people through the language of their memories.

Sitting at a one-person writing desk, a participant is invited to anonymously contribute a personal memory in the form of a handwritten note.  They insert their memory into a slot in the desk, and, through a process of automation, receive a print of someone else’s similar memory. Through this experience of anonymous exchange, Mnemograph creates brief moments of connection between untold stories, providing an uncanny glimpse into the private moments of another person. Its material — language — points to both the specificity and the sameness of the lives we live, and to our unique tendency as human beings to make meaning by connecting the dots.

Combining analog interactions and digital automation (in which the technology itself is obscured from view), Mnemograph poses questions about the relationship between technology and memory. What possibilities open up when we think about memory as an active process of creation rather than something fixed or static? How can a device illuminate the ways in which remembering is a generative act?

Media: Printer, document scanner, custom software, custom-built plywood desk, acrylic, paper, pens

More photos and documentation coming soon!

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