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Last week, my Applications group and I created a presentation for our class based on a talk by Pamela Yates and Paco de Onis from Skylight Pictures.

// our group //
Our group, group #3, was made up of Yingjie Bei, Supreet Mahati, Ross Goodwin and myself. (Amazing branding and poster design by Yingjie Bei).

Before I say anything further, I have to say that working with my Applications group was truly a dream. And by that I mean, what could have (I imagine) been a stressful and maybe (very?) unpleasant process was really fun, inspiring, challenging (in a good way) and collaborative in the truest sense of the word We productively disagreed at times but we all communicated well, and generally were on the same page about the fundamental direction of our presentation. The division of labor felt organic and allowed people to play to their strengths, but also stretched us in certain ways. Gushing aside, I hope this bodes well for future collaborative experiences at ITP.


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