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Another “visually similar images”

This morning I was browsing Paul Soulellis’ Library of the Printed Web and I came across another artist book project called visually similar images by designer Mindy Seu. 

When I first saw the project, I thought “how did I miss seeing that?” over the course of a year and a half of working on my very own visually similar imgs (spelled differently). And then I got anxious! And felt weird! And started majorly rationalizing! I always research and read and look etc. to contextualize my own projects within other things that people have made in the past and are currently making, especially in the space of artist books, web-to-print practice and anything to do with image searching.

Research of all kinds is always a major part of my process. I do  this partly for inspiration, partly to generate ideas, and partly as an acknowledgement that when I make something, I’m entering into a critical dialogue with these other works and ideas, whether I like it or not. Incidentally, in Comm Lab video this week we spent much of our class talking about appropriation / remix in art, and its implications on things like intellectual property, notions of originality / artistic genius and the existence of a creative commons. So I definitely had some of those questions on the brain.

Turns out our projects are very different. Seu’s books use Ed Ruscha’s one-word paintings as a source material. She runs them through Google’s Search by Image and uses a grid of “visually similar” images generated by Google’s algorithms. I think her approach is interesting and I like the way her project focuses on the reinterpretation / reimagining of particular source material.